HURDY-GURDY METHOD by Doreen Muskett

3rd edition. Revised 1998 ISBN 0 946993 07 6

Music Publishers’ Association Catalogue ISM M 9002034 1 0

The Method

Doreen Muskett’s Hurdy-gurdy Method, first published in 1979, has proved of immense value to players all around the world. The third edition, revised by Michael Muskett, improves still further a book that already stands as an exemplar for instrumental methods.

The method is written for instruments tuned in G/C, where the keys and notation are the same as a piano. But it is equally useful for D/A hurdy-gurdies. 

The CD

The CD was produced for the 2nd edition but the musical text is much the same, with most of the tunes given in the exercises being on the CD also. A correlation chart is provided.