I have never seen an introductory volume, to a musical instrument, as clear and accessible, or as well-conceived and well-written, as the Musketts’ Hurdy-gurdy Method. It should be a model for other instruments and other authors.
Stephen Masty, London

This is the best music method I have ever seen. High School music teacher, USA

The Muskett Method is an invaluable work for anyone wanting to start on the road to playing the hurdy-gurdy, or anyone wishing to improve their technique, whether that be in fingering or trompette. I bought the book at the same time as my hurdy-gurdy and it helped me get started immediately. I still use it after a year of learning, and it is still pointing me in the right direction.
Geoff Turner

The Hurdy Gurdy Method book and CD arrived today and the book looks wonderful and the CD is a delight.
Christine Paglino

Thank you for the book and CD. . . . just what I need to continue my efforts.
Jim Kruse

I am pleased to say that the Method ….. looks as though it is an excellent manual and easy to follow.
Jim McIvor

I would advise all beginners to invest in this book.
Colin Hill 

The method is clearly written and well presented, making it easy to understand both care and technique of the hurdy-gurdy. Most useful so far for me has been the trompette work. I've been playing a symphony for a few years and decided to move up to a full gurdy for the extra challenges this presents. Another aspect of my technique that the method gives clear advice on is fingering – this is something that can easily get sloppy and the Muskett Method provides an excellent outline to improve finger technique.
Nicholas Lowe

And if you don't have the Muskett book, it's my personal opinion that you should think seriously about buying it, especially if you're new to the instrument. There's a lot of very good information there.
Martin Lodahl USA website

This book says that you really need a player as a teacher if you want to learn the hurdy gurdy. However, this book is probably the next best thing, as I was struggling to get my instrument to play, let alone play a tune, until I bought it. The Musketts provide useful information on choosing, setting up and maintaining the hurdy gurdy, then take you through playing it. It starts with learning the keyboard, then adds the trompette and gradually takes you through increasingly complex rhythms and fingering. Loads of exercises and pieces of music to play. Hurdy gurdy music seems hard to come by, so the book is worth it for this alone. Thoroughly recommended.
Gerald W. Cambridge 2006 (From Amazon)

I'm finding the left-hand exercises very helpful
I received the book today. Such a treasure!